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“ MAM Special " Msg 1" only 4 you ”

“ my best wishes to you ”

“I’m so glad to know that your love has drive you to something that is so important: marriage. I always knew you were a perfect couple. I sincerely hope that you can enjoy your marriage intensely. I really expect your love to be successful.”..

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“Every time I see you, you are so happy, you also solve the problems of your marriage by the true love that remains after so long. I really wish you the best in your lives when you get married and all the love that make you to understand the true meaning of love in any moment. Congratulations.

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Never forget the love of your life gives you the courage you need succeed in this marriage.

Wedding wishes for my dear friends. I hope your life together will be filled with joy, happiness and lots of love!

May your life be fulfilled with each other’s company and that you may grow old and happy together.

As you start this new journey in life, may every day hold wonderful shared experiences!

Wishing you the joy and happiness that marriage brings, remember to kiss every night before bed.

With warm congratulations to a very special pair. May you always find in each other the love, laughter and happiness that only partners in life share!

May the love you express to each other today, always be the first thoughts during any hard time in the future.

A wedding wish for two special person: love is best when shared by two. You know that together you are stronger, together you are one. Have a wonderful married life!

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Weight Loss Tips


Consuming Right: What You Need to Know About “Good” and “Bad” Fat 

Admitting that numerous health specialists are letting us know that we have an excess of hefty in our eating methodology, the 

truth is that most folks are really insufficient in key fattening acids (EFAs), 

specifically omega-3 fattening acids. 

By expanding your depletion of these vitamin-sort fats, you can bring down your shot of 

getting coronary failure, decrease irritation in your joints, upgrade your invulnerable reaction 

opposite tumor, and push strong cerebrum role. 

The focus is that the sorts of oversized you consume have an enormous effect in your danger of improving 

then again expire of coronary failure. Notwithstanding what you've undoubtedly been prompted accept, its not 

indispensible to lessen large depletion with a specific end goal to decrease your dangers. It is imperative, 

notwithstanding, to change the KINDS of fats you consume. 

In a well known ponder circulated in the New England Journal of Medicine, analysts 

inferred that swapping unhealthy fats like margarine and shortening with fit 

origins of fats --for example olive oil, avocados, nuts, and frosty-water fish --was more 

successful in forestalling coronary infection than diminishing sum large admission. 

Here's a straightforward route to recall which fats are exceptional and which are awful, in addition to the best 

route to get the vital fats you require. 

* Saturated fats are the previously mentioned that are unyielding at room temperature. They are discovered in meat, 

dairy items, palm and palm-part oils, cocoa spread, and coconut oil. Various 

epidemiological investigations have watched that expanded expenditure of soaked oversized is 

interfaced to expanded frequencies of coronary failure and disease. While certain researchers 

(incorporating Dr. Robert Atkins) have contended that soaked fats have been treacherously censured 

for their part in the advancement of coronary failure, most nutritionists exhort that soaked 

hefty be kept to 10 percent or less of your aggregate day by day calories. 

* Monounsaturated oils are those that are fluid at room temperature yet end up being overcast 

on the other hand strong when refrigerated. They incorporate olive oil and canola oil and are show in 

avocados. Studies have indicated that societies that get the larger part of their bloated calories from 

monounsaturated fats have a flatter frequency of numerous sorts of cardiovascular infection and 

numerous sorts of disease. Health and sustenance masters now propose that the larger part of 

your dietary hefty admission ought to be from monounsaturated oils. 

* Polyunsaturated oils remain fluid yet when chilled. They are essential on the grounds that they 

supply the crucial fattening acids. The most normally utilized vegetable oils, for example those 

produced out of corn, peanuts, and soybeans, are towering in omega-6 EFAs. Origins of omega-3 

fats incorporate profound-ocean (chilly-water) angle like salmon, herring, cod, mackerel, and sardines, 

and flaxseed (otherwise called linseed). 

The majority of us get satisfactory omega-6 from our eating regimen. At the same time unless you are consuming freezing-water fish 

four or five times a week or biting a tablespoon of crude flaxseed every day, you will most 

probable profit from an extra omega-3 EFA supplement. 


In the past, most individuals took fish-oil and flaxseed-oil supplements. Sadly, both 

of these can have digestive symptoms from an obnoxious taste to poisonous 

burping, sickness, and loose bowels. The Health Sciences Institute has just reported, 

be that as it may, on a preferable elective: perilla oil. We've discovered that perilla oil has all the earmarks of being the 

for the most part cheap and best-tolerated origin of these important combines. It conveys all of 

the profits of omega-3 EFAs and in certain cases gives off an impression of being all the more effective than 

fish or flaxseed oil. In particular, its unlimited of the digestive reactions numerous 

folks endure with the conventional origins of omega-3 greasy acids.